October 6, 2004

Don't have VS.NET 2003? Try this one...

I bought Visual Studio .NET 2002 Enterprise Architect when it first came out through the Microsoft Company Store for a decent price. I also upgraded it using the $39 limited time offer to Visual Studio .NET 2003 Enterprise Architect.

However, I know that many of you still may not have VS.NET 2003. Some of you may even be running VS.NET 2002 or Visual Studio 6.

Well, Rory Blyth, recent Microsoft new-hire, MSDN Events personage, co-host of DotNetRocks, and one of the worst-dressed people in recent history, is running a contest next week with the winner receiving a free copy of Visual Studio .NET 2003 Special Edition.

If you decide you want to enter to get your hands on it, full details can be found here.

I'd use Rory's stupid banner, but I'm not entering.

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