October 25, 2006

[Schedule] Upcoming Two Weeks

You are going to be hearing very little from me over the next two weeks. I have a lot of stuff going on off-line that is cutting into the time I set aside for blogging.

Parts of assets from SE:EThat said, I am working on a couple of fairly hefty posts in my limited spare time. I'm working on one which is a post-mortem of one bug that was introduced during the warezing of "SiN Episodes: Emergence." I want to show a specific example of how a pirated version differs from the legitimate version from a functionality standpoint.

I'm also working on an article about the changes that we made to "SiN Episodes" based on feedback received from publishers and ratings boards. While I may not be able to share the original documentation, there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with me paraphrasing according to what I'm seeing in these agreements.

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