October 15, 2006

[Personal] Time

Why is it that the times when you should have the most time, you have the hardest time of all actually making time for anything?

For example, a friend of mine recently had his first child. (I'd link to his site, but it's *NotWorkSafe*. [hint]) I was sent a link to video of the birth and first baby pictures...haven't watched them yet.

Need to get back to Utah sometime before the end of the year...haven't even started to plan the trip yet.

Need to write up my homebrew content pipeline articles...barely through the second article.

Perhaps part of it is paralysis of choice. If you have one or two things to do, it's usually fairly easy to pick what to do. But when you've got several dozen things to do, you spend so much time planning on what to do that you don't actually do anything.

When I'm coding, I excel when I have a clear plan or goal or when I'm handling maintenance tasks. It's the same with real life, I guess.

The only thing that I do have that's nearly done is a means of integrating Blogger into an ASP.NET website so that you can use active content alongside a Blogger blog. Expect some visible tweaks this week...

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