October 8, 2006

[Misc] Weekend Mishmash

GameDaily has a look at several ways that game publishers get improved coverage/reviews for their games. They did miss two of the more common ones, though. Some publishers essentially write the articles for them. You can tell when this occurs when you see major sections similar or identical across several articles. Other publishers offer a "guided walkthrough." This is where the publisher writes a walkthrough, but includes helpful notes like, "If you look to your right here, you'll see [significant feature x]in action when [blah]." You'll then see all of the pubs that use that walkthrough mention [feature], even though no gamers actually care about [feature] or would even notice [feature] if it wasn't pointed out to them.

My wife ordered the two of us matching laptops yesterday evening. Fortunately, she let me pick them out. (She picked out her last one, and has never been happy with it.) So in about two weeks, I'm going to have to format and reinstall her current machine so I can send it to my granddaughter, set up my machine so that it will have Visual Studio 2005 on it (or maybe I'll just install XNA Studio Express Edition and force myself to live solely in C#-land for awhile).

Code work on something I've mentioned in this blog has been finished for over a week, but there is one last "hiccup" that needs to be tested before I can sign off on it completely.

The lack of DOS game compatibility in Vista is really starting to piss me off. I guess I should try to break in DOSBox sometime this week.

(Updated Monday, 10/9: Fixed bad tags.)

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