October 19, 2006

[Gaming] Scared?

I noticed on Slashdot an article about people who are afraid to play horror games. You can actually count me in this group.

When I go home and play games, I make a conscious effort to shut down the tester inside of me and just play. I've always been good at voluntarily suspending disbelief for whatever form of entertainment I'm participating in, and games are no exception.

The "Silent Hill" games are great because they instill a wonderful sense of dread in the player, as if all hope has been sucked out of the world. I'm still having a hard time playing "Fatal Frame," though, because they do an amazing job of sucking all of the hope out of you.

"Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem" for the GameCube was a truly terrifying experience because of how Lovecraftian it felt and the tricks that it played on the player as well as the character really drew you into the game, and "Call of Cthulu: Dark Corners of the Earth" drained sanity points from me every time I played it.

I love playing scary games, but there are times when I have to put the game down for a month or two before I can continue. My wife continually teases me about them as well because she just gets to sit back and watch them while I have to live them. She bought "Rule of Rose" and I'm still in the second chapter because the kids are just freaking me out.


yvonne said...

I am a very patient person at times but when it comes to these games I'm getting tired of waiting-play more of the game dear--I'm waiting--!@#$%^&*--patiently-lol
love ya--your wife

Sam Kalman said...

You mentioned a fabulous set of games in this post. The first Silent Hill freaked me out from the semi-destroyed wheelchair in the beginning. There was just such great atmosphere in those games.

Eternal Darkness had an insanity that scared me so bad I had to immediately turn the game off and couldn't play it again for a week.

As for Fatal Frame, I enjoyed it so very much. I'm a sucker for ancient Japanese myths though. And putting together the pieces of the past in-between being attacked by ghosts impaled with swords was truly a great experience. If you haven't completed Fatal Frame yet, I must encourage you to do so.

Also, very sweet post from your wife ;-)

Okie said...

I am very much looking forward to Rule of Rose...I'm glad to hear it's creepy enough. At least it sounds like it is based on your very short comment on it.

Silent Hill was super fun freakiness, but I haven't tried the other ones personally...yet. ;)