October 11, 2006

[Blog] Rename, Renew

This blog has been renamed from "Rom's Rants" to "Michael Russell | Blog". I wanted the name of the blog to be consistent for when the blog gets integrated into the new site.

Speaking of the new site, the initial pieces are in place. While it's mostly built on top of the Personal Web Site starter kit from Visual Studio 2005 (using VB, naturally), there are some extra items under the hood.

I'll be slowly re-adding a lot of the previous content into the new framework over the next two weeks, and hopefully, I'll have the blog integrated by the end of November.

1 comment:

dr.d00m said...

No way, you can't be changing things, just like that!

It's been ROM's Rants since the beginning of time, how could it be as entertaining if it was named anything else?