October 27, 2006

[Blogging] The Benefits Of Blogging

Ranked #79,650 on TechnoratiI've been blogging now for about three and a half years. It's been an interesting experience. (The first year of my blog was nuked when I took the blog public, hence the reason you only see archives back to April 2004.)

The most interesting part hasn't been the growth of the blogosphere over the last few years, but the opportunities and experiences that have opened themselves up to me as a direct result of my blogging.

Since I've been blogging, I've received questions from college students asking for help with subjects related to video gaming, testing, game censorship, etc. I've had unsolicited job inquiries, both from people who want to work for me and people who want me to work for them. I've been interviewed by the press, both online and print. I've spoken with game developers who I have idolized for years, and have them recognize my name...all because of this blog.

Has anything about me changed over these few years? Not really. I still haven't managed to get back to college, I'm still married, I'm still stuck in a back room trying to make code weep...nothing has really changed except my visibility.

Blogging has been good for my career. It helps that you can count the number of video game QA bloggers on one hand even if you're missing a couple of fingers, but this is a topic that people are interested in. Interest generates word of mouth. Word of mouth generates familiarity. Familiarity lends to credibility. Credibility can make you an expert in the eyes of people.

So thank you for reading. Now back to my regular daily program of angst, misery and despair for all mankind. (grin)

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