October 19, 2006

[IE7] Happy

So far, I'm fairly happy with Internet Explorer 7. They fixed the two bugs that affected me most from the last build.

They fixed the bug where if I visited a site that utilized frames, folders in my favorites wouldn't open until I restarted IE. They also fixed the bug where if I keyed in the name for a site that used cookies and had a cookie existing on my machine at the moment rather than following a bookmark to visit the same site, cookies would appear to be disabled to the site I visited.

Performance is improved over the last build as well, so no real complaints on my side.


GFree said...

Well, it didn't take long for vulnerabilities to be found either. :)


Michael Russell said...

According to the IE Team blog, it's a vulnerability in Outlook Express, with IE7 being the attack vector, but yeah...