April 1, 2006

[Review] "The Godfather" (Xbox)

(Note: This is based off of about 16 hours of gameplay, during which the story mode was completed, but only 33% of the total game was completed.)

Follow the movie
While aping "Grand Theft Auto"
And having fun, too

I just finished playing "The Godfather" for the Xbox. While I personally disliked the melee controls, I found very little wrong with the rest of the game. I found that it approached the movie with respect, had decent controls, wonderful character customization, minor visual defects (necks clipping through collars were the worst offenses), and a decent amount of strategy. The game also seemed to feature a bit of a dynamic difficulty system where after dying a few times on a mission, one or more enemies wouldn't be there the second time...although I could be mistaken on that part.

All in all, an enjoyable game that was worth the $40.

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