April 19, 2006

[E3] Not This Year...

For the third year in a row, I'm not going to be going to E3. Two years ago, I was working as a civil servant; last year, I was still establishing myself here at Ritual.

This year, I've got two reasons. First, we're launching "SiN Episodes: Emergence" on May 10, the first day of the actual show portion of E3. Second, E3 seems to be denying applications for no apparent reason.

Part of me is encouraged by all of the app cancellations I'm hearing from around the industry, because it means that E3 seems to be serious about keeping non-industry out of the expo. However, the sheer quantity of industry cancellations I hear about worries me. I've heard tales of new hires getting accepted no problem, but industry veterans with ten years experience getting rejected.

I'm all for limiting E3 attendance, but come on...it doesn't make sense for E3 to be an exclusive industry event if the industry can't get in.

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