April 16, 2006

[Personal] Procrastination Helped?

Some of you may remember that I was audited recently because of a glitch in the tax software I used that year.

I used TaxCut this year, and when I did my taxes back in February, it said that I owed a little over $150 for federal. Error check popped up everything as clear, so I felt like it was accurate. So I did what anyone would do...I decided to wait until the last minute to file.

Today, I loaded TaxCut and it said it had a massive update. I downloaded it, ran error check, and had four warnings. Turns out that the old version missed four deductions. I'm now getting almost $500 back from my federal taxes.

So I E-filed before another update came down the pike to take it away, and now to wait for the check and be happy. Whee.

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