April 5, 2006

[Peeves] Pop-Ups

I hate to say this, but I've had to stop visiting "Blue's News" at home. Why? One of the pop-ups on the site causes Internet Explorer 6.0 with the MSN Popup Blocker toolbar to hang.

At work, I use IE 7.0 Beta, and I was finally able to at least isolate out the pop-up that causes it to hang. The ad starts a Webpage Dialog with the following code in the address:


For whatever reason, this causes IE6 to launch a new instance of Internet Explorer which goes to 100% CPU utilization. The initial IE6 instance is waiting for the other instance to do something, so it doesn't progress until I open up Task Manager and end-task the pop-up.

I don't want to have to end-task a process if I visit a page. At least with IE7, the dialog pops up as a empty window and I can close it easily.

So, until this is corrected, I'm only going to visit Blue's from work. Sorry, Blue.

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