April 3, 2006

[Blog] Anonymous Comments Disabled

Last week, one of my co-workers said something that seemed fairly straightforward to me. He said, "Internet plus anonymity equals asshole."

Those of you who visit the site rather than read the feed know that I've had a particularly stubborn thorn in my side over the last month and a half.

To be honest, this wouldn't be the first time that I've had a critic and it won't be the last. However, most of my critics have either posted using contact information so I could communicate with them in a meaningful fashion, or contacted me out-of-band so that we could debate in a private forum.

I don't mind critics, but I do like having a general idea who is criticizing me so that I can properly gauge the criticism.

When I see a mail notification saying that I have a comment from "Morgan," for example, I know that it's most likely a well-thought-out post and I'll have something to either research or think about. While I have no idea who "Morgan" is, the name association along with the quality of the posts has given credence to the feedback.

When I see a mail notification saying that I have a new comment from Anonymous, however, I have no idea what to expect. While I suspect that this most recent Anonymous is one of my former co-workers from Microsoft Game Studios in Salt Lake, I can't prove it. It also doesn't correspond to any of my four major traffic pulls over the last month: Hanover, Pennsylvania; Redmond, Washington; Rochester, New York; or Bangalore, India.

If my anonymous critic wishes to continue being critical, he is welcome to. I haven't deleted any of his comments to now, and I have no intent of doing so in the future. But he'll have to log in just like everyone else.


Ranter said...

You ASSume waaaay too much. It's quite funny actually. You assume you know me. You don't. You ASSume I used to work with you. Thank God I didn't, I don't think I could take your sanctimonious arrogant colourful bullcrap. I just happened on your blog one day and it was like an accident on the turnpike, I just couldn't look away. You say the stupidest things I just can't not say anything. You basically called me an A$$hole, well right back at ya bub. Oh, and you are a liar. I have 3 blogs of my own and I know full well that with the traffic you cite, without providing proof, that you should have waaaay more comments. Since, I have been reading I have been the only one commenting!
Actually, I'm kind of tiring of you so I will probably leave the scene of the accident. I can only take so much bullcrap theatre.
ta ta

Oh, and as for your ASSumption that I am male. Wrong again mate!

Blight said...

I just wanted to say that I read your blog, but haven't felt the need to comment. I'm more interested in reading.

However, I would like to comment to show my support, I think your blog is thoughtful and interesting.