April 21, 2006

[Personal] Enjoying Work

I'm testing an installer...You know that you're enjoying your job a wee bit too much when you can throw up the horns while testing an installer...and mean it.

I've really enjoyed being at Ritual. True, the politics may occasionally get to be too much and there are the inevitable arguments over trivial bullshit, but in the end, I can honestly say that I come into the office each day because I enjoy it here.

In some dark corner of my mind, I keep thinking back to Microsoft Game Studios. Right now, I feel like I did after about three years at MGS: content and happy, but with an undercurrent of "what now?"

Unlike Microsoft, there really isn't any room for vertical growth where I am. I can grow my department, and I can help my people grow, but I'm already as high as I can get, or as high as I would want to be.

I don't want to get too high up in any organization. I want to stay low enough that I can keep my fingers in production. I want to know that I'm not a useless middle manager.

Here, I am productive. As long as I can stay productive with a minimum of frustration, I should remain happy.

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