June 8, 2007

Search Oddities

I use AWStats to keep on top of my traffic here. It's kind of funny...even though I'm not in games anymore, I'm still pushing out tons of traffic (about 1Gb/month on average). About 80% of my traffic is to older posts, though, so I thought it would be funny to do a quick analysis of what has been bringing people here up through the end of May.

- The top 5 keywords that bring people here are "xna", "sin", "vista", "episodes" and "vacation".

- My top 20 keyphrases are "castaways vacation club", "romsteady", "hotmail", "xna engine", "michael russell", "xna content pipeline", "katamari rom", "d3dx_24.dll", "openal vista", "beachcomber vacation club", "xna camera", "pyramid head", "beachcombers vacation club", "d3dx_", "vista openal", "quake 4 font", "beachcombers vacations", "sharpziplib add file", "romsteady blog" and "pc gamer issue 175".

- Last month, the number of search queries looking for answers about what happened to "SiN Episodes" finally reached parity with the number of queries looking for pirated copies of "SiN Episodes." The number of people who are looking for fixes for the U4 Labs bug in the pirated copy still outnumber both queries by a factor of 2:1.

- The most viewed archived page on the site in May was about my left toe.

- Wikipedia still drives tons of traffic back to my commentary on "Hot Coffee."

- Most linked visits to my site come from Shacknews, the Steampowered Forums, Ritualistic and CSMania.ru.

- There has been a sharp increase in referral spam over the last few months. Referral spam is when people blast sites with fake referral URL's to try to get people who read their logs to go look at resumes or casinos or hosting companies.

- There is one page on my site which has more pageviews than any other over the lifetime of the site...the Top 10 Signs That You're Dating A Tester.

- After this, only seven more posts until I hit #900.

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