November 2, 2014

Small Progress Update

Friday, October 31, was my last day at Amazon.

Yesterday, November 1, I flew down to Los Gatos, CA, and moved into temporary housing while my wife stayed behind in Seattle, WA to close out the condo and work with the movers.

Tomorrow, November 3, will be my first day at Netflix where I'll be working as a Senior Software Engineer in Test.

What does this all mean?
  • I can now resume working on and publishing code and updates for things like RomTerraria and Leadwerks stuff.
  • I'm limited in what I can do for the next six weeks because I'm working on a laptop and I won't have my main gaming rig until the movers get down here to my permanent home in mid-December.
I'm going to shoot for a minimum of a weekly post cadence for the next few weeks to try to get myself back into the swing of posting regularly, but needless to say, it's good to be back.