March 20, 2019

Game Mods Moving To Patreon

Starting next month, I'm going to be able to block time out for dedicated work on game mods, and starting in September, I'm going to have a dedicated room just for my game development work.

Work on new mods is going to move to my Patreon.

The Terraria mod I'm going to be working on is codenamed TSA (Terraria Server Assistant).  Basically, I'm going to be using the Mono.Cecil work that I spearheaded with the Terraria client to expose a lot more information through the server and extend its command support.

The Quake 1/2 work I'm going to be working on involves making mods easier to make in this day and age.

The Hollow Knight mod I'm working on is a rather simple tombstone mod so you'll know every place that you died during your entire run.

The Left 4 Dead 2 work I'm doing involves finishing up some of the unfinished mutations in ShackMutations.

There's no reason to join or donate unless you want early access as all of the mods will be released for free.

March 7, 2019

WTF is happening?

On RomTerraria:  The latest tModLoader should have the same scaling unlocking code that I had in RomTerraria.  At this point, consider RomTerraria discontinued unless something insane happens.

On Electric Eye:  Still working on the open source release, although we've started moving towards EyePatch at work for a more accurate result.  The patent I got screwed up the timing, and I'm still waiting to figure out what's going on with the international patent.

On my life:  Bought a house.  Will be moving first two weeks of September.  Planning on retiring in mid- to late-2030.