June 9, 2020

RTResolution v0.4.0 Troubleshooting

RTResolution will be released to the general public on Friday after being released to patrons early today.  This post will collect the troubleshooting information from early adopters.

The game crashes on launch.
The RTResolution patcher now drops two files in your save game folder: Terraria.exe and RTRHooks.dll.  Make sure you copy both files over to your save game folder.
Update 6/10 7:24pm: Fixed in RTResolution 0.4.2.

The game won't go over 4096 in any one direction.
There are memory constraints within the Terraria process when you start going larger than this.  If you want to risk it, try the 8K experimental build.  I'm aware of at least one crash at higher resolutions due to an issue inside of Terraria with ultra-high resolutions, though.
Update 6/10 7:24pm: Fixed in RTResolution 0.4.1.

June 8, 2020

RTResolution v0.4 Released Tomorrow For Patrons, Friday For Everyone Else

I'll be releasing RTResolution v0.4 tomorrow for patrons.  This has the verified biome fix, works for Terraria v1.4.0.5, and is tested in multimonitor scenarios as well.  This also unlocks me being able to do more mods in the future the way I used to do them in RomTerraria.

The build will be released for everyone sometime on Friday.

For those of you who have been popping on to my Patreon, grabbing builds, then dropping off...I'm tracking that.

May 17, 2020

RTResolution v0.3 Released

Update 5/20/2020 8:42pm: v0.3.4 was released to patrons early to help ensure it works fine.
Update 5/18/2020 5:24pm: Added v0.3.3 to help with out-of-memory crashes on multimonitor configurations.
Update 5/18/2020 1:02pm: Added v0.3.2 to help with multimonitor configurations.
Update 5/17/2020 2:21pm: Added v0.3.1 as well for those who are experiencing game balance issues.

This version of RTResolution is designed to work with the new Terraria v1.4 "Journey's End" patch and does the following things.

1) It increases the maximum size of a display before a forced zoom to 8192x8192.
2) It increases the maximum size of render targets to help with multimonitor scenarios.

Terraria "Journey's End" running at 4K with a zoom level of 100%.

Download v0.3.3 here.

Download v0.3.2 here.

Source is on my Patreon and will be released for everyone at the end of May.

Note regarding biomes: I'm still tracing through all the biome logic in "Journey's End" and it's going to take a little time for me to figure out how it works.  If you use this mod to enable 1:1 zoom, you might get some biome wonkiness until I figure out all the internal logic and how to patch it.  I'm hoping to have something by end-of-month.

May 16, 2020

Values To Update In Terraria.Main

These are the values I need to update in each assembly for "Journey's End" v1.4.0.1 to uncap the zoom without negatively impacting the game experience:


Update MinimumZoomComparerX to 5120
Update MinimumZoomComparerY to 5120

Update LogicCheckScreenWidth to 5120
Update LogicCheckScreenHeight to 5120

Update maxScreenW to 5120
Update maxScreenH to 5120


Update maxScreenW to 5120
Update maxScreenH to 5120

Journey's End

Long time, no typing.

Lots of stuff has happened over the last 14 months.  I moved full-time to Las Vegas, my granddaughter moved in with me so she could save cash for her future, the United States has entered an untimely death spiral from which it may never fully recover, I've started donating platelets every week, and Re-Logic released its final patch for Terraria, "Journey's End" this morning.

Here's a heads-up about where we are with RTResolution/RomTerraria and "Journey's End."

Bad side:

I haven't even looked at Terraria source code in the last eight months.  I sat down for a bit and tried to create a tModLoader mod to add in the rain from earlier versions of RTResolution for a request and failed miserably.  I donated platelets this morning and woke up after a three hour nap to a ton of requests to update RTResolution via email, Reddit chat, etc.

Good side:

I'm interested in playing Terraria again.  I got asked to play by a former coworker if I could play once "Journey's End" was released, and the changes look interesting enough to draw me in.  I finished the major work needed for a work project yesterday, and the polish work should be finished by Monday, so I'm about to have a ton of cycles available.

So this is what I'm going to do: tonight, I'm going out for a dinner to celebrate my work project being over.  Tomorrow, I'll get set back up to develop RTResolution, and start working on the mod then.