June 9, 2020

RTResolution v0.4.0 Troubleshooting

RTResolution will be released to the general public on Friday after being released to patrons early today.  This post will collect the troubleshooting information from early adopters.

The game crashes on launch.
The RTResolution patcher now drops two files in your save game folder: Terraria.exe and RTRHooks.dll.  Make sure you copy both files over to your save game folder.
Update 6/10 7:24pm: Fixed in RTResolution 0.4.2.

The game won't go over 4096 in any one direction.
There are memory constraints within the Terraria process when you start going larger than this.  If you want to risk it, try the 8K experimental build.  I'm aware of at least one crash at higher resolutions due to an issue inside of Terraria with ultra-high resolutions, though.
Update 6/10 7:24pm: Fixed in RTResolution 0.4.1.


STBlitzkrieg said...

Interesting issue I've got going on. Works flawlessly on a 2560x1080 monitor so long as it's the primary monitor. Unfortunately, it's my secondary, so the moment I set it back to secondary, the set 2560x1080 resolution defaults down to 1920x1080. Not particularly game breaking but it is a bit of a hassle to switch each time I'd like to play.

STBlitzkrieg said...

I've created a workaround using DisplayFusion hotkeys to switch monitor primaries whilst maintaining window positions and icon positions. However, at 2560x1080 the minimap functions do not work (it doesn't display)and as a result I cannot use pylons to teleport globally. Quite the shame.

Unknown said...

Can someone send me a link or write how to install this RTResolution? I can not find it :/