May 31, 2017

Out Of Town Until June 8

Will hopefully resume updates then.

May 3, 2017

RomTerraria Post-1.3.5 Update

I've been spending a few hours a night working on the two successors to RomTerraria.

RomTerraria is going to be split into two separate programs.

The first is going to be called RTReach.  This will allow you to switch the XNA profile from HiDef to Reach and back on various executables.  This will allow people who were able to run Terraria pre-1.3.5 to run it again.

The second is going to be called RTResolution.  This will do two things and two things only.  First, it will unlock resolutions higher than 4096x4096.  Second, it will (hopefully) allow 1:1 pixel scaling.

All other functionality contained within RomTerraria is going to be discontinued.  You can work with the tModLoader community to add back in anything else that you require.

I am not going to solicit or accept funds for this work.

Once the two mods are released, the source for them will be available on GitHub.

I'm hoping to have initial releases of both mods available this weekend, but cannot guarantee the release date.

Once these are released and the source is released, if the tModLoader team wants to integrate my work into their project, they are welcome to it.

I really want to be able to get back to working on my own games rather than work on maintaining this project, but since it seems this is what the community wants me to do...

Finally, I'll be unavailable from May 31 through June 11.

Update 5/6/2017, 3:00pm: Test release of RTReach 0.1 available.  This switches the XNA profile from HiDef to Reach so that people with older video cards who were locked out of v1.3.5.x should be able to run the game again.  Still working on the resolution unlock patch.  Had to roll back from Mono.Cecil v0.9.6.x to v0.9.5 due to some assembly resolution stuff that Terraria does.

Update 5/7/2017, 10:35am: RTResolution is mostly there.  I removed the max-4K resolution limitation and have it so that you can set the zoom to 1:1 pixel, but something else in the core game is still overriding the 1:1 pixel code.  Sorry for the delay, still working on it.

Update 5/17/2017, 6:00pm: I've been sidetracked while covering for a coworker who was out on vacation and am almost done getting caught back up.  Still working on it.

Update 6/11/2017, 5:10pm: With out and me back at my home PC, I've resumed work on RTResolution.

I've also finally found the code responsible for the forced minimum zoom level.  I think I can get rid of it.

Update 6/11/2017, 6:00pm: RTResolution v0.1.  Let me know if it works for you.