May 18, 2011

Terraria Trainer/Resolution Launcher

Update: 6/30/2015:

Preview version of RomTerraria 4.0 (for Terraria 1.3.x) is now available at this post.


Well, staring at JavaScript for a week drove me cross-eyed, so I spent an hour weekend or so and built a simple trainer/resolution launcher for Terraria. Requires Steam and Terraria 1.0.6. Not a source hack...wraps and calls into Terraria.

Install Launcher | Download Source | FAQs

Welcome to Shacknews, SomethingAwful, ArsTechnica, Quarter To Three, Reddit, PC Gamer, and GameFront. I can't believe over 13,000 people are using this launcher...

Screenshots: Normal Mini-map | Full World Mini-map

Note for those of you on Windows Vista/Windows 7: If you are being told that you may have an illegal copy when you don't AND you've installed Steam into Program Files AND Steam is running, right-click on the executable and run as administrator. The reason why this is happening is that when you just copy it over, it doesn't go into that folder. It goes into VirtualStore. Sorry for the extra security...blame TPB.


Chaoddity said...

Works great!
Unfortunately for me at a 1680x1050 the sky textures get cut off in the menu and jumping on the top of a high hill allows me to see behind the sky texture as well...
I am guessing I need to maintain a certain ratio when I change the resolution?
Or will that happen no matter what?

Michael Russell said...


Unfortunately it will happen no matter what. The graphics in the game weren't designed for the higher resolution.

That said, it is a real help to be able to see that much more of the map. I'm currently working on a minimap plugin as well, but won't have time until this weekend to try to get it into the launcher.

Unknown said...

Thank you very much for your launcher, it works well!

Talran said...

Hey, this works wonderfully!

Would you mind posting how yo go about doing this though, I do a bit of programming(Well, a lot, just in COBOL/Unidata)
And was wondering if you oculd do a short writeup on how you did this... Thanks!!

Unknown said...

When I try to run the exe nothing happenns :S

Michael Russell said...

kiandehghan, is the executable in the same folder as Terraria.exe?

Unknown said...

Thanks for the fast reply :), and no it isn't i'm not sure where the terraria.exe is located?

Unknown said...

Found it ^^

Sports United said...

I get this error when opening it :S

Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: RomTerraria.exe
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 4dd9293e
Fault Module Name: KERNELBASE.dll
Fault Module Version: 6.1.7600.16385
Fault Module Timestamp: 4a5bdbdf
Exception Code: e0434352
Exception Offset: 0000b727
OS Version: 6.1.7600.
Locale ID: 2057
Additional Information 1: 0a9e
Additional Information 2: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789
Additional Information 3: 0a9e
Additional Information 4: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789

Read our privacy statement online:

If the online privacy statement is not available, please read our privacy statement offline:

Michael Russell said...

Sports United,

Is the app in the same folder as Terraria.exe?

Shirtless Cyclist said...

Can you make an option so we can launch the game through Steam instead of just via the executable?

Matt Burris said...

I just want to say you're awesome RomSteady! This launcher is fantastic and your constant work on it is very much appreciated. Maybe we'll get lucky and the Terraria people will contact you and pay you to use it officially.

Michael Russell said...

Shirtless Cyclist,

I tried, but Steam wouldn't initialize. You can add it to Steam as a third-party program, though.


Thanks. Doubt they'd pay for it, though.

RHOPKINS13 said...

Can you bypass the hardware check when using the dedicated server? I'm on a VPS trying to create a dedicated server, but I can't because when I try to open it says it can't find a suitable graphics card.

Michael Russell said...


If I was doing a source edit, I could. Unfortunately, I'm just short-circuiting their UI and injecting some extra data on the screen, so I can't.

For that scenario, you'll have to wait for the official dedicated server.

Nathan said...

For some reason the overal world minimap in the inventory screen shows up super tiny for me so it isn't useful but the local area minimap that shows while you run around out of the inventory shows normal size just fine.

David Hodgson said...

For some reason I can't see any minimaps, world or local. Do I have to do something special to activate them?

The resolution change works, so I'm sure the launcher is working fine. I tried running at 800x600, but no change, still no maps. I tried building a new world, but still no maps.

Any idea what might be the problem?

Michael Russell said...


Check "Let Me Make This Easier", and the option should appear.

David Hodgson said...

D'oh boy, do I feel stupid. Thanks Michael, and thanks for the launcher too. Nice work.

Rob said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
xShadoWxDrifTx said...

Can someone explain what exactly he means by this

- Can enable an eye invasion per day that you meet requirements.

I haven't seen an eye invasion yet.

Michael Russell said...


If you've met all the requirements required for the Eye to show up, one Eye should spawn each day.

It has to be night and at least one player needs to be alive and above sea level.

Having infinite blood moon on can stop the eye from appearing.

banglam080 said...

I am having a little problem, everytime I launch the program and click "Launch Single Player" I get an error message saying

Field not found: 'Terraria.Main.versionNumber'.

at RomTerraria.Trainer..ctor(Game game)

at RomTerraria.Program.Main() in C:\Users\Rom\documents\visual studio 2010\Projects\RomTerraria\RomTerraria\Program.cs:line 98
Any help would be appreciated.

Michael Russell said...


That field exists in v1.0.2. Let Steam upgrade you.

banglam080 said...

Michael Russell,

Well, Uh...I kinda have the pirated version.... lol. And Thanks for the quick reply.

Michael Russell said...

Yeah, I don't deal with pirates.

banglam080 said...

Ok, guess its time to do some sruveys for it. Isn't it 10 bucks? Also, I seen some videos and this program looks good.

Unknown said...

Thanks Romsteady!

Great launcher. I downloaded this first thing after picking up the game last night after seeing how much praise it's gotten at Shacknews.

Keep up the great work!

TWWalker said...

Is it possible to skip the splash/re-logic logo startup after pressing single player button?
I see it skipped when launching server.

krudemetal said...

Did you just tie this thing to a steamapps directory structure? That's pretty dumb. I move most of my Steam games into a dedicated Games folder on my HDD, and i had to move it back into steamapps to get it to launch with the new version.

Oh well, guess i'll have a redundant Games\Terraria\steamapps\common\terraria\ directory structure now. The launcher is far too good to be missed!

Michael Russell said...


How do you move your game to a different subfolder when Steam doesn't allow modifications to its folder structure?

TWWalker said...

I know your reason to tie this into steam but it doesn't set my steam status to playing terraria to allow my friends to see. so launching steam to use this launcher creates an extra step and wait time for steam to login =(
thanks for splash skip update, can't play terraria without it.

Michael Russell said...


Go to Games > Add a Non-Steam Game... and browse to RomTerraria, then it will pop up in your friends list and have the overlay.

William said...

What does pony do?

krudemetal said...


i'm using NTFS junctions to relocate my games to wherever. Check this post:

Hope this helps. And good work on that launcher!

Josh said...

Your launcher lets me do eyefinity with 1.04! You're awesome! Thank you!!!!

Chase said...

Can I request we be able to select the font(s) it uses?

I won't mind an enhanced menu options, like sliders for color selection, or a list box for resolutions.

The way Terraria does it currently makes me wonder what kind of QA they have.

Michael Russell said...


Because of how fonts are handled in XNA, I have to process each additional font through the content pipeline.

In addition, I'm only going to distribute fonts I have redistribution rights to.

Unfortunately, because I'm not a source hack, I'm restricted in where and what I can modify.

Anonymous said...

Any reason why I'm receiving this error upon launch? How do I fix it?

I have all 3 files in the steamapps/common/terraria folder and run it from there. when I set it all up in the main RomTerraria menu and click the big button at the bottom I get the error in that picture. Very strange.

Michael Russell said...


Are you running it from a shortcut that has the working directory in your My Games\Terraria folder? That's the only thing I can think of that would cause that.

Anonymous said...

This Client seems to think Terraria uses files in the My Documents section...which is weird but I made the sacrifice of hard drive space to copy the files it wanted to the needed location; fixing my problem.

Thanks for the client, I love it!
Would be nice to have the HP regen for my Admin-ing purposes tho~

Blue said...

Was working fine earlier today, then suddenly I get this.

Michael Russell said...


Please validate your game cache. That error says that Terraria can't find the file Content/Images/ra-logo.xnb.

It looks like a stealth update was released at 1:59pm and a follow-up one minute later that touched that file.

TWWalker said...

the guide npc won't spawn anymore even with hide the guide untick. Is there a way to get him back?
I upgraded his crappy room and kinda miss him now.

Michael Russell said...


The guide will come back. It just takes him a LONG time to get back to you.

To hide the guide, I move him to the upper-left corner of the map.

To get back to you, he has to fall down to the ocean floor and walk all the way back to you.

Orcanthorpe said...

Can you make a video tutorial???

AishaLove said...

I don't see what the big deal about fixing the background texture for larger screen res is, terraria WS did it a while ago

Michael Russell said...


Because mine did it without doubling the amount of memory taken up by the background textures.

Joeyjoejoe said...

So will light rain eventually flood the world or will it disappear over time?

Michael Russell said...


Right now, it will extremely slowly fill an area about a full screen to either side of you.

I'm working on adding in surface evaporation for sunlit tiles.

Cezary said...

i cant work it someone please help me

Michael Russell said...


What exactly is happening?

Unknown said...

Hi, I have make infinite infasion (goblin) but how disable this plz ?
My map is destroyed and I can't kill every goblins...

Help me T_T

(sorry for my bad english)

tom said...

Can you add the potions effect ?

Michael Russell said...


Once you've disabled infinite invasion, no new goblins will come out. However, you do have to kill the rest that come at you.

Last I checked, there was a minimum of 100 goblins in the invasion.

Michael Russell said...

tom li,

I've been looking into the potions trying to figure out the best way to handle them. With a maximum of ten "buffs" in effect at any one time, there isn't an optimal solution.

w00d said...

Love this trainer & thanks very much for doing it. Any possibility that you can add the option to speed up plant growth back to the rate that it was prior to the 1.0.5 patch? Or maybe even faster? Would love to have trees that don't take a week of in game time to grow. I'm sure they probably did this for the mushroom/potion farmers but it would be a nice cheat for us who just like to make pretty maps.

Michael Russell said...


I'll look into it. Not sure how I'd do that, but I'll check.

Jacob said...

For some reason i can't activate the launcher. Says "RomTerraria has stopped working." i put it in Documents\My Games\Terraria

Help me out?

Michael Russell said...


It has to go in your Steam/steamapps/common/Terraria folder.

Jacob said...

Alright. found the file and nows its working. thanks for answering the same question for the hundredth time. sorry for asking it again however.

Jonahdude said...

Can I ask how to host a server with this in it?
I cant figure it out...

Michael Russell said...


I'm working on a wrapper for their dedicated server, but it is a secondary priority.

Unknown said...

So, Rom, I assume you had a looky around the game's code?

Did you notice that if coded properly, it'd be half the code size, more efficient and if properly coded by a mule, would not have _EVERYTHING_ hard coded?

It's a disgrace to see "programmers" have 326 items inside the Item class itself, hard coded.

Even for C# it is piss poor code, gotta love the dependency on .NET 4 considering the code itself would run on .NET 2 just fine, hell, maybe even .NET 1.1 with a bit of tweaking (XNA might be the culprit here though).

On the topic of XNA, the game is also completely outside of 'how to use XNA'. Everything into the same sprite batch? No game components used?

This is besides the fact that the game was clearly designed for something else than the PC (unless it is an 8 year old PC..). I assume you noticed that ALL the graphics are actually half the size and up-scaled 2x? (And not even by the game, no, hard-up-scaled).

So, no miracle as to why it looks bad even for a 'pixel game'.

The real 'wtf' though, HUNDREDS of public static variables (with a few private ones sprinkled in for good measure), what the HELL were these dudes ON when they designed/coded this?

I have seriously never seen such a mess of code in my life (and i am hitting the 4-0 soon, coder since the C64), it looks like a drawing made by a 5-year old in comparison to most other 'indie-games' (the pun here, i guess, is that the game does sort of look like someone with zero art skill found Paint.NET, drew little mini things and then re-sized them when it turned out the game became WAY too slow (no wonder there..) when displaying that many sprites).

Nice job on the launcher, .NET makes that stuff nice and easy doesn't it? Main reason we don't use it for game code (tools, another story). If hacking is to be done (which i have no issues with personally), at least give a bit of a challenge.

My wife loves the game though, personally got bored of it within an hour, but same goes for Minecraft (another one of these 'wtf' style code things) and the likes. Not my cup of tea.

I just can't get over the astonishingly horrendous code, the graphics 'cheating' and most importantly, throwing every 'good coding practice' out the window. These guys are going to end up burning real soon once they add more and more stuff. This simply can't run stable forever (in fact, it is a miracle it does, but then, it is mind-numbingly simplistic code, despite the fact that it was coded by a horny baboon on acid).

Ah well..

Lugenibas said...

i love the mod and the rain make a certain idea of mine possible, unfortunately i was retarded and updated the game b4 i could complete it, please keep the rain in the next version and awesome job on this version

Michael Russell said...


Install 2.0 RC4 from the link above.

It's a ground-up rewrite with auto-update to keep it up-to-date with the latest versions.

Still not at feature parity, but should be soon.

David Rewers said...

I have a Vista and whenever i try to run it i get this

Field not found: 'Terraria.main,fontCombatText

and i ton of other textdo you know what might be causing it(i ran it on admin already)

Michael Russell said...


Install 2.0 RC4 from the "Install" link above.

The old 1.x versions are broken on 1.0.6.

Jonahdude said...

what happened to the things like infinite goblin invasions and eye of cuthulu every night in the update? 1.0.6 broke them and they coming in the next version?
Also, I like the new layout, much more organised :).

Michael Russell said...


Working on making them a little more stable and predictable after all the changes in 1.0.6.

Have them in hopefully before end-of-week.

Michael Russell said...

2.0 RC5 has been published with many requested tweaks.

Texture pack and tooltips will be in the next build.

Lugenibas said...

im a little concerned that the new launcher changed my version from 1.0.6 to though as of now it only inhibits my friends who haven't used the launcher yet from joining my server, but my main worry is that the next official patch wont be recognised

Michael Russell said...

Lugenibas, is the current official version.

If they can't join, they may not be using a legitimate version.

alexskill99 said...

love the launcher, but whenever i try to open terraria using steam it doesn't work which means no 1.1 update for me :'(

Michael Russell said...


Check the new update. Would have been up sooner, but there's this whole "day job" thing I have going on. ;)

CyberAngel said...

@Unknown: I can't believe someone can undestand the mess of a source code this game has. I just don't get it.

-- sarcastic mode enabled --
But I guess today's hardware can handle it, so we don't have to write readable or scalable code, right?
-- sarcastic mode disabled --

I'm sorry for the poor guy who developed it.

dantedom said...

hi i was wondering if i could use the methods you use to find Terraria through the steam service so i can launch my mod with it. you did a great job there and i find it the most appropriate way to launch the mod. hope to hear from you, my email is,

Unknown said...

when i click launch terraria it says a bunch if complicated stuff that i don't want to type
plz help me

Michael Russell said...

Kai, without knowing what it says, I have no idea how to help.

banglam080 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
banglam080 said...

Hey, remember me? I'm the guy who pirated the game. I'm here to make amends after getting a notification of a comment on here. I bought it and would just like you to know. :)

Unknown said...

Hi, I hope you can help me out with this. Would be awesome.

It's in Danish but I'm thinking, you can maybe recognize the error.

Thanks in advance.

RomTerraria 2.0.4421.13566
[System.TypeLoadException] Typen 'Terraria.Main' kunne ikke indl├Žses fra assemblyen 'Game Launcher 3.0, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null'.

ved System.Reflection.RuntimeAssembly.GetType(RuntimeAssembly assembly, String name, Boolean throwOnError, Boolean ignoreCase, ObjectHandleOnStack type)

ved System.Reflection.RuntimeAssembly.GetType(String name, Boolean throwOnError, Boolean ignoreCase)

ved RomTerraria.Program.Main()


Michael Russell said...


Is this the retail or Steam version?

I only had access to and tested the Steam version.