May 16, 2020

Values To Update In Terraria.Main

These are the values I need to update in each assembly for "Journey's End" v1.4.0.1 to uncap the zoom without negatively impacting the game experience:


Update MinimumZoomComparerX to 5120
Update MinimumZoomComparerY to 5120

Update LogicCheckScreenWidth to 5120
Update LogicCheckScreenHeight to 5120

Update maxScreenW to 5120
Update maxScreenH to 5120


Update maxScreenW to 5120
Update maxScreenH to 5120


Jack Roennfeldt said...

Here's to a quick and easy method discovery, and hopefully not too much screwing around. (Also protesting to re-logic to finally make this a feature)

PSP said...

How Do I uncap these zoom values? I badly need that for my 4k screen. Imagine playing this on 8k :O

Tidest said...

Hey Rom, it looks like BobTheBob9 beat you to the punch on this one.
It looks like you need to build it if you want to use the program though, as the released version is a bit buggy.

Michael Russell said...


His version just removes the code in question, but won't work across patches.

What I'm hoping to release today will update the values so it will hopefully work across patches.

Russell said...

any luck? new patch today v .4 ineligible to play