May 16, 2020

Journey's End

Long time, no typing.

Lots of stuff has happened over the last 14 months.  I moved full-time to Las Vegas, my granddaughter moved in with me so she could save cash for her future, the United States has entered an untimely death spiral from which it may never fully recover, I've started donating platelets every week, and Re-Logic released its final patch for Terraria, "Journey's End" this morning.

Here's a heads-up about where we are with RTResolution/RomTerraria and "Journey's End."

Bad side:

I haven't even looked at Terraria source code in the last eight months.  I sat down for a bit and tried to create a tModLoader mod to add in the rain from earlier versions of RTResolution for a request and failed miserably.  I donated platelets this morning and woke up after a three hour nap to a ton of requests to update RTResolution via email, Reddit chat, etc.

Good side:

I'm interested in playing Terraria again.  I got asked to play by a former coworker if I could play once "Journey's End" was released, and the changes look interesting enough to draw me in.  I finished the major work needed for a work project yesterday, and the polish work should be finished by Monday, so I'm about to have a ton of cycles available.

So this is what I'm going to do: tonight, I'm going out for a dinner to celebrate my work project being over.  Tomorrow, I'll get set back up to develop RTResolution, and start working on the mod then.


Unknown said...

Please update RTR soon. Hard to play the game without it.

Techdude594 said...

Very excited for the update to RTResolution! Glad to see you are back!

Kneesocks said...
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