June 4, 2007

Project Day 01: Mostly Wasted

This morning, a contractor was supposed to start to take some of the load off of me so I could really focus on the multicurrency work. The contractor took a full-time job late Friday, which left me in a bit of a lurch. As a result, I spent most of the day outside the multicurrency project.

On Friday, a last-minute requirement change left me scrambling to redesign parts of the application. The original design was to have everything be U.S. dollars under the hood, and convert the price to Canadian dollars or Euros on the fly based on exchange data that we'd query from an external web service once every 4-6 hours. We were doing this so that we could easily switch from one currency to another on the fly. However, a requirement was added to allow static prices for other currencies on a case-by-case basis. So instead of using U.S. dollars for everything, we've made a bit of a shift. All items require a U.S. dollar price, and if a dedicated price doesn't exist, we use the older codepath. Otherwise, we flip to the dedicated price.

Currently, I'd say I'm about a half a day behind.

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Sarkie said...

Same kind of thing today:

Requirement 1:) We need one report, only, ever, no need to design for multiple reports.

3 weeks later

Requirement 15:) Make it so we can have multiple reports please.