June 2, 2007

Real-Life Bugs: 3-in-1 Recycling

Up in Plano, they are fairly proud of their recycling program. They even have bins set up around their downtown shopping area where people can sort and recycle the items that they're carrying.

Only problem... (Mouse-over for the answer)
All three slots lead into the same bag, so the recycling slots serve no real purpose whatsoever.
A make-busy job created for the sake of recycling isn't a high-quality job by any stretch of the imagination. A cheap harness hooked up to allow multiple bags and let the recyclables be truly pre-sorted would cost very little to make and pay for itself fairly quickly.

For more information, check out the "Recycling" episode of "Penn & Teller: B.S.", and in the interest of equal time, here is a rebuttal of that episode, and another partial rebuttal.

(Update 6/3: Added additional tag to the image to allow mouse-over text in other browsers...in other words, to fix a bug in my "real-life bug" post. Also added some explanation.)


Tom said...

Nothing happens...

Tom said...

Oh, now I see. But they do serve a purpose: they are extremely suggestive of which garbage is allowed and which is not. Even if they have to sort it later, that's still easier than separating recyclables from non-recyclables.

Jordi said...

If you want mouseover text, use the title attribute. Alt will only be shown in place of the image.
That's why it's called "alt", for "alternative text".
In standards-compliant browsers at least.