June 6, 2007

Day 03: Caught Up (Mostly)

This morning was spent getting a production build ready to push out tonight and getting it into testing. Because of how long clean builds take, I managed to keep up on my personal E-mails and blog for a bit.

I took my fifteen-minute break to walk over to Whataburger, grabbed my lunch, brought it back to my desk, and coded while I ate. As a result, I managed to finish the cart module and started updating the use cases for the stored procedures I'd need for the data tier. I would have finished them, but two bugs made their way into the build and I had to spend my last hour finding them, fixing them and verifying the fix.

That wouldn't have been so bad, but the recruiters we have been working with sent over a tray of cookies. Fresh, soft cookies. Unfortunately, my blood sugar has been a bit out of whack lately due to a mild cold...so even though normally I could work my carbs to the point where I could have one, I couldn't risk it today.

I managed to dash out and barely make my bus home, and you always know you're in for an interesting trip when from outside the bus you hear the shrill, loud voice of someone who may or may not be...um...lit.

Tonight, I'll be trying to finish my use cases to hand them over to the DBA, finish refactoring the cart/checkout screen interactions to match up with the minor changes made to the design, propping the build, and overall just trying to relax.

As a side note, I'm beginning to question the usefulness of compiled workflows for Windows Workflow Foundation. Long story short, trying to find a decent way to handle upgrading workflows without affecting existing workflows is the equivalent of trying to find your favorite grain of sand on a beach...possible, but time-consuming. I'm considering moving to a XOML-only system and reading in the workflows at the time I create the workflow.

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