June 10, 2007

IE6 Issues

I've had reports of some issues with the site and IE6, specifically the background and sidebar never appearing so that the site is next to unreadable.

I've seen it happen on occasion in IE7 if the CSS is unable to download for whatever reason.

Personally, I think it's kind of funny that it's happening given that the template is almost a stock template from Microsoft Expression Web.

If this does happen to you, try holding the shift key and clicking the refresh button, or clear your cache and try again.

If you have any idea why it would be happening, or have a suggested fix, please let me know.

(Update: Seven E-mails and a comment later, yes, it's horked. I'll work on getting a new template up this week. Thanks to everyone who checked.)

(Update Update: I've made some changes to the style sheet. Seems that having really long words in my titles can cause the CSS to whack out in IE6...so I just changed the sizes of a few elements in the CSS to prevent it from happening. I need to make a few more updates to handle some older oversized graphics in old posts, but that's it. If it still looks horked in IE6, please let me know.)


Unknown said...

I just tried it with IE6, and it's pretty scrambled. I normally use FF2, so I didn't see the problem b4.

Doesn't change when reloading or clearing the cache (which I do everytime my browser is closed).

Kevin said...

Uh, hello? It's IE7!!!! We have more probs with IE7 here than all other browsers combined. Thanks MS!
Good luck wrestling with it, it is a neverending story.