June 28, 2007

Another .NET Job Opening

Total Immersion Software has openings for .NET tools deveopers.

It's tools only for now, but it's still getting .NET closer to mainstream game development, and every step forward in that respect is a good thing as far as I'm concerned.


askedrelic said...

Crap, I could actually apply to that Junior position... Tough decisions!

dr.d00m said...

I knew all that work I did on C# tools at Indie Built would someday come in handy.

Too bad I still have a fear of the games industry. I think the shrink called it, iliketoseethelightofdayophobia. Wait maybe it was imgonnagetscrewedophobia...no, actually it's just I think it is not a phobia at all, it is just called I'd rather have a life. :)