June 16, 2007

Post #900, Relevance Rising

A lot has happened in less than six months.

Since post #800 back in January, my issues getting paid have been solved, I was brought on full-time, I've had a column published in "PC Gamer UK" (although I still haven't received my copies and I'm not sure when the column will be posted on their site), I've been interviewed on Shacknews related to used media legislation and been contacted by lobbyists looking for more information to stop laws like this, I've started, stalled out on and am slowly resuming progress on a certain Source mod, I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes and found that the cause in my case may be something stupid like having a desk whack my nose and crack my septum back in September, and more.

I still haven't finished my Automated Games QA series of posts. You're allowed to call me a slacker bitch for it. In some ways, I deserve it.

A few interesting events over the last week...I had three different game development companies contact me about possibly rejoining the industry. One is looking at me as a QA Manager, one is looking at me as an XNA/MDX/C# programmer and one is looking at me as a Producer. I guess there are benefits to being multitalented as well as sticking it out in an industry for over seven years.

Well, here's to hitting post #1,000 before the end of the year.


Sarkie said...

I have read your copy if you want me to send it to you?

and USEMP code to me now, lazy arse!

askedrelic said...

less posting, more working!