November 16, 2004

Steam, Half-Life 2, Whatever...

What's more frustrating than installing your newest game, getting to the main menu, and having it crash? Installing the latest game and not even being able to get to the main menu because the authentication servers are too busy and the download servers are too busy to download the rest of the game.

What's more frustrating than that? Spending $80 plus tax for the Collector's Edition, opening the box and seeing that the box is half-empty. The entire package consisted of a DVD in a CD jewel case with the CD key printed on the insert, a "reference card" for a manual, an abridged Prima guide, and a large men's T-Shirt. For some reason, the extra does not seem worth the extra $25.

Of course, I can actually use the T-shirt, which is more than I can say for the game.

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Keith said...

I bought the Silver Package online, through Steam. $59.99 and I get *everything* available on Steam. I didn't want the retail packages. Oh, and No-CD/DVD from the getgo. *shrugs*