November 6, 2004

"The Incredibles" Mini-Review

I managed to sneak out of the house today to see "The Incredibles," Pixar's newest flick, and while it's an amazing movie in its own right, it feels completely different from any other Pixar flick made to date.

The animation and voice acting are top-notch as always. John Ratzenberger has a nice cameo at the end. A pleasant 60's superhero vibe plays through the entire movie. Jason Lee plays a perfect villian., although I kept getting "Freakazoid" flashbacks whenever he was on screen.

The movie is rated PG, and I'm assuming it's because this movie contains more death and destruction than all previous Pixar flicks and director Brad Bird's previous magnum opus ("The Iron Giant") combined. (By the way, I stayed through the credits, and there wasn't anything extra...sorry.)

If you're a geek, this is already on your must-see list, but I have to get in this one little jab at Steve Jobs. For all of the power that Apple claims to have, I found it rather funny that at during the end credits, a little credit went up saying that all final rendering was done using Intel chips.

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