November 3, 2004

100 posts...

Well, this is my 100th post...a milestone I never thought I'd hit.

Blogging is kind of weird. For some bloggers, blogging is a conversation. It's a way to quickly get feedback on ideas from the blogosphere. It's a way to get your ideas heard. It's a means to make yourself more than the sum of your posts.

For others, like myself, blogging is more of a cooling salve than anything else. It's mental pain killer. By recalling the events of the past and placing them here in a public forum, I remove the pain associated with them. I feel more alive and vibrant as a result.

I've gotten some links, gotten fewer comments, and gotten into a few massive arguments as a result of my blog, but you know what? I wouldn't have it any other way.

Thanks for reading. We'll see what this is blog is like at post #200.

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