November 30, 2004

Microsoft discriminates against gays? I don't think so.

I caught a wiff of this article on ActiveWin about Barbara Campbell, a former Microsoft employee who is claiming sexual discrimination by her manager 18 months after she quit.

Is it possible that her manager, Tiffany Treacy, sexually discriminated against her? It's possible, I'll admit that. However, does Microsoft back discrimination against homosexuals? Definitely not.

Microsoft is one of the most open workplaces I've ever worked at. Even on the Exchange servers, there are "virtual support groups" for gay and lesbian employees.

Microsoft has very straightforward policies on how to handle sexual discrimination complaints. Had Ms. Campbell reported the discrimination to Human Resources prior to her resignation and had nothing happen, then she might have a chance at convincing people that this did in fact happen. However, given the timing and what I know about Microsoft, I can see this as nothing more than an attempt by a former employee who was being "managed out" (at least from the sounds of the article) to lash back at Big Bill.

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Anonymous said...

Anyone who knows Barbara Campbell knows that she has had numerous fights with all her previous employers and has tried to sue each one as she exits. The fact is that Ms. Campbell is incompetent and is a very revengeful person. Check into her past employment history in Seattle and you will find others who have been at the receiving end of her lashing out. She cannot say she was fired for being a lesbian when the fact is she was fired because she was incompetent. Microsoft should not settle this one because for this one person, at least, they are absolutely in the right. Just another employee searching for those big pockets of revenge.