November 24, 2004

Real Stats for Real People

You hear a lot on the web about Firefox and alternative browsers. So, I thought I'd share some stats from a real-world website for the last 24 days.

In the evaluated time period, we've served up 36,973 pages to 3,739 unique visitors. We've served up 1.86GB of data to visitors in that time. To be honest, this is about normal for us. Search engines slurped up another 1.41GB of data during the same period.

For OS statistics, Windows is the operating system of choice for ~95.6% of our visitors. "Unknown" slips into the number two spot with ~2.6%. Mac users are relishing the #3 spot with ~1.5%. Linux, FreeBSD and WebTV have less than 0.1% each.

For browser stats, Internet Explorer has a dominating lead with ~92.3%. Mozilla and Firefox are now neck and neck with ~1.9%, with Mozilla having a minor lead. Netscape is at ~1.4%. "Unknown" comes in at ~1.2%. Safari has ~0.6%. Opera and Wget have ~0.1% each. Camino, Firebird, Lynx, LibWWW, Konquerer, WebTV's browser and the Lotus Notes web client each have a single visitor.

So if you take a look at our stats, only 3% of Windows users who visit our site are using an alternative browser.

Visitors to my blog, on the other hand, are a more technical crowd. Windows XP accounts for ~72.9% of my visitors. Windows 2000: ~11.8%. Windows 98: ~3.8%. Mac: ~3.1%. "Unknown": ~2.6%. Windows NT: ~2.2%. Linux: ~1.8%. Windows Me: ~0.9%. Windows 95: ~0.2%. FreeBSD: ~0.1%. Windows CE: 1 visitor (0%).

For browsers to my blog: Internet Explorer: ~73%. Netscape: ~22.5%. "Unknown": ~2.9%. Opera: ~1.3%. Galeon: 1 visitor (0%).

So, any little dirty secrets in your server logs?

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