November 8, 2004

How To Kill TV Media

Is your computer infected with the current scourge of the universe, "TV Media?" Are you preparing to install Windows XP Service Pack 2? Whatever should you do?

Well, first off, the steps I am going to talk you through may require that you be able to boot to a recovery console. To do that, you will need the original installation CD for Windows XP that came with your computer. If your computer manufacturer did not trust you enough to give you original install media, see if you can borrow a disk from a friend. I also recommend asking your local geek for assistance with this one.

First, try using the tool from here:;en-us;886590

That should work. If that doesn't work (it didn't work here), download and run this fix:;en-us;885523

Shut down and boot from the Windows XP CD. When asked what to do, hit "R" to go into the Recovery Console.

Select your Windows partition. (For 99% of you, it will be the line that says, "#: C:\WINDOWS".

Enter your Administrator password. (For 99% of you, it will be blank, so just hit ENTER.)

Type "CD SYSTEM32" without the quotes and hit ENTER.

Type "DEL MAD.DLL" without the quotes and hit ENTER.

Reboot and go into Safe Mode with Command Prompt. Once you login, a command prompt will appear.

Type in the following: CD "\Program Files\TV Media"
...and hit ENTER.

If you did not get an error message, type the following: DEL *.*
...and hit ENTER.

Hit CTRL-SHIFT-ESC to bring up the Task Manager, and tell Windows to restart.

Finally, run Ad-Aware to clean up the last remaining traces of TV Media.

And remember, kids, spyware is bad, mmm-kay?

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