July 31, 2007

Robin Link

Since Technorati shows no sign of finding a way to get rid of the unwanted spam links (I'm in the top 5,000 now with an authority of 610), I figure I may as well try to use my increased rank to try to help out some other sites...steal traffic from the spammers and give to those who need it. Some I've linked to before, others not at all.

Quality Assurance

Game QA Blog - Just over a year old, Zachary's writing seems to be following the same path that mine did for the longest time. Starts out rather idealistic in many ways, and then realism sets in and the important thing becomes figuring out which ideals to stick to and which ones you can trade to get the work done.

Climactic Avenue - Sam Kalman started out doing certification testing, then went to doing contract testing for business software, and is now working on Unity.


AIGameDev.com - Great feed that's been going over theory, some nuts and bolts plumbing and optimization tips on game AI. Very C++ focused, but many of the template tips and tricks work just as well with VB.NET and C#.

Coding Horror - I may not always agree with Jeff Atwood, but I agree with him more often than not.

Worse than Failure - Formerly "The Daily WTF," this blog is a daily must-read for any developer. If you see something and don't understand why it's a WTF, you've just learned about a hole in your skillset.

MSDN Magazine - I'm still amazed at how many people don't know this, but MSDN puts all of their magazine's content and code up on the site at the same time as the issue ships. You can read the entire issue online...without ads.

GameDev.net/DevMaster.net - The basic information that you are needing to solve just about any game development problem can be found on one of these two sites.

The Z-Buffer - A great starting point for finding XNA and Managed DirectX information. Andy, you need to find more things to update about.

Annals of Oracle's Improbable Errors - Working with Oracle is a nightmare. Working with Oracle via .NET can be even worse. For someone with a SQL Server background, a site like this is a godsend. While lately it has been a bit focused on Oracle application server issues, any major Oracle issue you have probably has an entry here.

AddressOf.com - Cory's VB/.NET focused blog. Like me, he gets very angry when a first-class language gets relegated to the position of red-headed stepchild.


LaraJade.com - Fascinating photography.

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