July 19, 2007

Nations of the World (Live)

Sticking with the evident animation theme of the day, this video of Rob Paulsen (the voice of Yakko Warner) singing "Nations of the World" live made me briefly long for my childhood again...

Of course, this clip of the Animaniac Macarena made it go away.

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Okie said...

Nations of the World was always a favorite...even with the words from the folio I'd trip over my tongue and screw it up. It's terribly impressive to see him do it from memory at tempo. Very nice.

The Macarena clip is actually pretty good. I'll admit that Macarena was (still is) WAAAAY overdone...but it's just another testament to the talent of the Animaniacs production team...it's actually a pretty good clip (if you can look beyond the overdone annoying theme)