August 1, 2007

August McAfee VirusScan Update Disables All JavaScript

This has been a fun morning. Woke up sick, went back to bed, woke up later and had a McAfee popup saying that a new update was available and my system had to reboot. Clicked the button to allow it to reboot, and when my system came up, the first symptom that something was amiss was my sidebar gadgets weren't working...even after another reboot.

Vista gadgets broken

No JavaScript would execute in Internet Explorer either, even if I went to "Manage Add-ons" and disabled the JavaScript proxy. I went to try to get Firefox, but since the "Get Firefox" button is JavaScript, I had no link to get the file.

I went to McAfee's website to try to get help, but since every single step of their site uses JavaScript in some fashion or another, I was completely stuck.

I uninstalled McAfee VirusScan, and now my system is working fine...but I'm not reinstalling it until we find out what the Hell went wrong with this update.

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