August 14, 2007

Collision Of Mail And Blog

At any one time, I tend to have between five and ten unfinished blog entries in the queue that I'm trying to polish off. When I get one to what I feel is a completed state, you get to get an entry in the 500-700 word range. Ones that are over 1,000 words tend to get split into multiple entries.

I mention this because I got an E-mail today that touches on three pending posts, so I'm going over my posts, trying to see if there are any angles that I missed so that I can properly reply to it.

The really funny part is that two of the posts I'm working on that need to be involved in my answer partially refute some previous posts I've made.

When talking in public, I tend to take a very absolute stand on a topic even though the reality is a bit more grey. The reason I take a harsh stand is that while it may be untenable, it does tend to bring out more debate. It's easier to fight with a stationary target. Once the majority of the debate is out and about and the battle lines are drawn, that's when the shades of grey start getting filled in...where you give to coexist with your fellow man.

However, when I'm dealing with people who contact me privately for information, I skip the polarizing stand and try to shoot for the exact information that they're looking for...white, black or grey.

That's where the trick is coming right now...looking at the absolute, finding the reality, and trying to reconcile the two.

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