August 27, 2007

Pre-Knife Jitters

I spent most of the weekend working on various projects to try to keep myself calm, given the pending knife to the nose Thursday morning.

I managed to get up so that it can start getting crawled (hopefully, I'll have per-game comments working soon and have it so that it looks less like a domain parking page and more like a valuable Vista resource). I managed to polish off a lot of design for stuff at the office. I managed to get my ass kicked at "BioShock" on hard after sailing through it on medium. My book proposal has been passed back to the publisher after making modifications based on their recommendations.

Of course, all that does is temporarily push the fact that I'm about to have my face cut open to the back of my mind. The doctor's been paid off, but the surgical center still hasn't run my insurance and I'm getting nervous that I may not have enough to cover it.

68 hours to go.

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