December 9, 2006

Summary of the Week

Ten in-person interviews. Thirty-four phone interviews. Finding out on Monday about four different positions.

Interesting mix as I stay in the industry in an SDET-style role (like the one I've unofficially had for the better part of my career), do I move to web development and try to integrate a QA process into one of the most dysfunctional development processes I've ever seen, do I take a contract-to-hire position writing no-brainer data entry apps, or do I take a chance on a position that pays better than any of them, but would require me to beg for help to move back to Utah so I can take it?

What sucks most is that this is the absolute worst time of the year to be unemployed. So many people go on vacation the latter half of December that if a person isn't employed during the first two weeks of the month, they're essentially fucked until early next year. And with my savings depleted after a year of doubled utility bills and significantly higher rent, that doesn't put me in a good place.

Personally, I want to stay in the industry, but in the end, it comes down to what is best for my family.

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BWJones said...

Hey dude, come on back to Utah. If the position really does pay the best, it is entirely likely they will also cover some of your relocation costs. Also, the cost of living here is not quite as harsh as it can be in many other parts of the country, Plano excepted.