December 20, 2006

First Gift

While I was at work today, I received an instant message from my wife saying that a package had arrived for me. When she told me who it was from, I knew that it was time for the old "online photo gallery" treatment.

The Popcorn Factory?
Hrm...never heard of "The Popcorn Factory"...

Nice greeting...
Thanks for the good vibes...I've been feeling significantly more relaxed since I found something to tide me over.

Spam spam spam spam...
How can you tell you live in a Web 2.0 world? Everything is packaged in spam.

The bow of DOOOOM!
A handtied bow that my wife wouldn't let me untie. I had to slide it off. (After twelve years of marriage, you'd think she'd let me unwrap my own present my own way...but nooooo....)

Cookies and toffee and lids, oh my!
Cookies and English toffee. For me, this is comfort food. My grandmother used to buy packages similar to this all the time, so I grew up with this.



Zachary said...

pfft, nobody got the other game qa blogger any cookies :~(


tryanarnold said...

Hah! You're starting a dangerous trend: "Comfort food un-boxing"...forget the Wii, where's that box of truffles I just got from Belgium!

Sam Kalman said...

You're welcome! I honestly didn't expect a full step-by-step unwrapping with photos, but it's fun to see nonetheless :-) I'm glad it ended up being comfort food too, that's like a 2-hit combo bonus. Happy Holidays!