December 28, 2006

Pirate Wall of Shame?

Here's a bit of an idea that's been bouncing around my head for a little bit...

How would you guys feel if I set up a "Piracy Wall of Shame" for these guys who decide to warez our products and still contact support?

The rules would be:

1) Once you have verified that someone stole your game and contacted support, you'd forward the entire support thread (minus any confidential information) to the Wall of Shame E-mail address.

2) Once the WoS verifies the claim, the E-mail thread is posted on the site.

3) Each individual game would have its own WoS page that contained all the threads.

4) Each WoS page would have a link to where they can buy the game legally via (The link would have a commission link back to cover the costs of running the site.)

5) If someone who was posted decides to purchase the game after being posted on the site, they can be removed by E-mailing a digital picture of the game package, receipt and their name/E-mail address written on the receipt to the WoS site.

6) Once the WoS verifies the purchase, the E-mail is removed, and a notice is put up that a legitimate sale was created through use of the site.

Any thoughts?


Sarkie said...

Sounds fun :D

But not just for Games, but Windows would get too many hits probably?

"I Entered FCK... key" ...

The said...

I don't think that the WoS is a nice (or smart) idea. Try instead the WoE (Wall of Education), where you would explain people why it hurts so hard the industry the love so much.

(My perfect solution would be to give so much benefits to the legitimate buyer that he won't even think of pirating software, but I can already imagine the ppl telling that it would cost too much)

Seawolf said...

I doubt that would work. Pirates already know what they're doing, they just don't care. The one jackass I've spoken to directly told me 'Think how much you could afford if you weren't paying for games!'

I told him to piss off and blocked him from my IM.

Michael has already educated on the issue, hell, I didn't even know the problem was that bad previously.