December 16, 2006

The CPL Scoop

Here's the scoop from the CPL:

  • CPL is going global again next year. CounterStrike 1.6 is the focus; $500k purse.
  • CPL is going to be creating their own game. Tom Mustaine is running the studio behind it. Game is codenamed "Severity."
  • CPL needs to test their PA and video playback systems before running anything. We saw Romero's talk, but didn't hear it.

Press release here.

1 comment:

Andrew Timson said...

Interesting. I wonder if this'll be Q3- or D3-based; I'm inclined to think the former, because of the lesser system specs and better network performance.

I wonder just how intent they are on making it multiplayer-only. Personally, I like the UT series, but I generally play against bots, not online. Then again, I tend to play assault, CTF, and domination—everything but deathmatch, which seems to be the sole focus if I'm reading the press release right.