December 28, 2006

The Nerve...'s been almost a month since I was laid off from Ritual. Almost a month of not having to deal with idiots asking for support for the pirated version of the game. Aside from still not having my personal belongings back, my time at Ritual was starting to fade from my memory...until 15 minutes ago.

What do I receive in my E-mail box?
From: wilton wilfred [address removed]
how can i get pass through the office of viktor radek? i've been standing for half an hour after he spoke and i realise that something wrong here. after searching for an answer, somebody said that i have to install steam. is this required? heck,i just want to finish this game.
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My reply:
I'm glad that you want to finish the game.

However, the issue you are encountering was introduced by the pirate group Provision when they broke the Steam copy protection on the game.

If you want to finish the game, please purchase a legitimate copy. If you purchase over Steam, it is available for $14.99, or if you want a copy at retail, it's $19.99.

Perhaps if more people had bought the game instead of pirating it, I wouldn't have been laid off from Ritual.

I'd been trying to decide whether or not to post my post-mortem of this particular issue or not. Guess I should finish writing that fucker up so I'll stop getting E-mails like this one.

And people thought I was making shit like this up...


RemohDad said...

Dude, great comments. And, it's probably more true than most people ever imagine.


ThomW said...

Man that sucks. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. :P

Sarkie said...

Probably one of the guys I had to deal with on the forums.

Anonymous said...

This shit keeps happening:

I'm surprised the fucking morons say they can run it without Steam and have the gall to argue it's in a legitimate way.

Blight said...

I got this for the software I worked on, people sending email through yahoo instead of the proper channels. It's annoying, and I can imagine how more infuriating it would have been given the circumstances.