November 22, 2006


I just got an E-mail from CMP, the people who run the Game Developers Conference. Turns out I was first runner-up in their haiku competition. No prize for being a runner-up, but given that I wrote my 8-haiku entry in under 20 minutes, being first runner-up isn't bad.

They'll post the haiku on the GDC website shortly.

Update, 2:16p: Looks like the one haiku of mine they didn't post was the one that cost me first place. My original entries, with the omitted one bolded:
Annual absense
Has caused career turmoil
So I must attend

The keynote speeches
Lead to a renewed sense of
Purpose for our games

The featured classes
#define our purpose: Coding

The panels bring out
The curmudgeon and the sheep
To battle it out

Casual Games Summit
Connects the hardcore with mom
To bring fun to all

IGF: Where next
Year's ripped-off gameplay is seen
Today in the flesh

GDC Awards:
We celebrate each other
But only one wins

So many classes...
So much information, but
Why ignore testing?

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