November 15, 2006

Pyramid Head

In my morning comic run, I came across this wonderful piece of Silent Hill fan-art (note: some images on site NSFW). Pyramid Head's words sounded like some lyrics from They Might Be Giants' "Particle Man," so I figured I'd flesh it out and try to keep it canon. Please forgive the musical interlude and the embedded spoilers.
Silent Hill, Silent Hill,
Doing the things that a town will,
What's it like is not important
Silent Hill

Is a town or is it in hell?
When darkness comes, does it feel well,
Or does the fog come from a well?
Nobody knows, Silent Hill...

Pyramid Head, Pyramid Head
Pyramid Head hates Silent Hill
They have a fight, nobody wins
Pyramid Head

Konami Man, Komani Man
Designs the entire universe man
Likes to scare the common man
Konami Man

The clock puzzle has a minute hand
An hour hand and a second hand
When they lock, the sanity ends
Powerful man, Konami Man

Sunderland, Sunderland
"Killed his wife with a pillow" man
Lives his life in a foggy land

He is depressed, and he is a mess,
and feels totally worthless.
Silent Hill will judge the man,
Try to redeem Sunderland.

Pyramid Head, Pyramid Head
Pyramid Head judges Sunderland
They have a fight, Pyramid wins
Pyramid Head


Sam Kalman said...

Hilarious. And kudos for keeping it strictly SH2.

yvonne said...