November 9, 2006

[Contest] Win Free MSDN/VSTS While I Rant

Cory over at AddressOf is offering an opportunity to win a free subscription to a single-developer seat of Visual Studio 2005 Team System and (possibly) a subscription to MSDN Enterprise.

The catch is that you have to say what you would do to get it.

As for me, I'm not sure what I'd do for it. I certainly wouldn't pay the overinflated single-seat license cost of $10,939 for it, which is as much as you would pay for premium dorm space at Stanford for one year. Hell, I'm lucky to have Visual Studio 2005 Standard.

I guess if I had one thing to get it, it would be to hack together the bastard child of SharpDevelop and XNA Game Studio Express Edition to bring together the promise of .NET (language independent development, platform neutral coding) and XNA (game development for the masses) to bring the true meaning of .NET development to light. Just as all gamers don't speak English, not all game coders speak curly braces!

Gamedevs, cast off your unnecessary typecasts! Walk with me towards a bold future, where the language we code in is rendered irrelevant by the end result: interactive entertainment that can be created by anyone and enjoyed by anyone on the platform of their choice, be it Windows, Xbox 360, Zune, PocketPC or smartphones. Let your games live anywhere, whether or not they use Live Anywhere. Send these unnecessary restrictions into the void.

The tools are there. Microsoft documented the interfaces for us to call. (Poorly, but the documentation and interfaces are there.) You can try to take away our language independence, but you'll never take away our freedom!

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Morgan said...

You should submit everything you would *not* do to get it! ;)