November 30, 2006

Other QA Blogs To Check Out

I figure while everyone is playing "Ooh, look at the guy who spoke up," I'd use the chance to plug the blogs of some other people who advocate for the black-sheep in a family.

For languages, look no further than Cory Smith over at Like me, Cory is a tireless advocate of Visual Basic. It's not a kid's language anymore, and hasn't been for quite some time.

For development platforms, check out Managed DirectX and XNA with Andy over at Performant, stable, and it makes it very easy to eliminate several common types of errors.

For other QA bloggers, you've got a choice. On the app side, check out The Braidy Tester. On the games side, GameQABlog. In the middle, check out Sam Kalman.

For people who think I'm full of shit, check out Francesco Poli.

Tell them "the future industry pariah who dared to open his mouth about that which should not be mentioned" sent you.

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