January 27, 2005

Unintended Weight Loss

Well, I'm getting ready to fly back to Utah tomorrow afternoon to load the moving truck, and I've noticed something rather odd. Over the last month of pseudo-bachelorhood, I have lost an entire inch off of my waist.

I'm not missing this inch by any stretch of the imagination. When I first got married, I wore a 28-34, and now I wear a 38-32. Dropping a few inches will not be a bad thing.

What I'm wondering is how, exactly, I lost this inch. I have been doing more walking, but not a significant amount more. I'm eating a bit healtier, but I still eat out five days a week.

The only thing I can think of that's different is my stress level, which has almost been through the roof for the last month and a half. Changing jobs is stressful. Changing jobs during the holiday season is doubly stressful. Leaving your wife behind for a month is triply stressful. Having to remember how to cook when you've barely cooked anything over the last ten years is almost too much to bear.

Regardless, I'm happy that I've lost the inch. We'll have to see if I lose another.

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